Our Clients

Utilities and Municipalities

Sequent brings to the table two important advantages/capabilities when we design delivery services for LDCs and municipalities: a detailed understanding of the state and federal regulatory environments in which they operate, and access to a number of gas supply options at a variety of production area locations.

To the development of asset management plans, we bring a credit position strong enough to support large transactions, exceptional skills in natural gas delivery logistics, and a thorough understanding of the natural gas supply grid. We can help LDCs get the most value for underutilized storage and firm transportation assets through superior optimization activities, and we can do so in ways that do not interfere with their critical operations.

Industrial Customers

Sequent develops gas supply services for industrial and commercial customers that allow them to meet or beat budgeted costs for natural gas supplies. Energy market analysis and financial hedging of price exposure are often a part of these services. Our strong portfolio of firm transportation allows us to deliver gas directly to city gate or plant, so our customers can pay more attention to operational needs and less to logistics of gas supply.

Power Generators

Sequent's physical resources mean we are equipped to deliver large volumes of natural gas on a moment's notice. Responsive intra-day delivery capabilities position our power generation clients to capitalize on hourly power market opportunities.

Our large portfolio of firm transportation and storage provides power generators with optimal flexibility to call on natural gas only when they need it delivered, saving the expense of holding storage and transportation fixed costs in their own energy portfolio.


A substantial transport position across virtually all pipes serving the Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent, South, East, and Northeast supply regions, coupled with access to markets across North America and investment-grade credit quality, makes Sequent an ideal purchaser in today's rapidly changing wholesale gas market. Supply aggregation and intra-day physical gas flow optimization means Sequent's producers achieve market participation comparable to that of the energy industry's largest players. Producer services include:

  • commodity purchases
  • scheduling and nomination
  • risk management
  • gas supply, storage, and transaction options including load balancing, peaking arrangements, and city gate deliveries.

Regional Retail Aggregators

Sequent can help aggregators balance loads and develop long-term supply alternatives. We have the capability to make deliveries to the city gate of the aggregator's customers through our strong portfolio of firm transportation, and the financial strength to offer creative credit solutions that enable aggregators to preserve capital to grow their businesses.